Can you visit our garden to discuss ideas without obligation?

Yes - I have a fixed fee of £80.00 inc. VAT for my initial design meeting, there is no time limit for this visit and I hope that you enjoy the experience as much as me. I will use this visit to discuss ideas, outline some rough concepts and answer any questions that you may have at this stage. No subject is off limits, I have been giving inspiration this way for many years and most clients find this a productive introduction to the process of engaging a landscape designer.

How long does it generally take to complete a garden design?

If you decide to commission me to develop a landscape design for your property I like to allow 2-3 weeks before I can return to complete the site survey (subject to workloads). It then takes a further 4-8 weeks to complete the designs dependant upon the size of project, after which I will arrange a convenient time to visit and present my ideas.

Will you give us an idea of costs?

Yes - my design fees are based upon location and size of garden (refer to my current pricing structure on the services page). I appreciate that building and planting a garden is a big unknown, therefore I aim to give you some outline budgets at our first meeting. From experience it can range anywhere from 25k upwards to complete a garden project.

Do we own the design?

Yes - The design fees are payable in two stages, 50% of the total fee will become due upon completion of the survey with the remaining 50% due upon first presentation. Any amendments will be made following the presentation meeting and are included within the fee.
On payment of the design fees you take ownership of the plans and are free to use them in whatever way you wish. I reserve the right to use the graphics in promotional literature.

Can I expect any additional charges?

Maybe - Whilst the design service is a fixed fee and includes delivery of a complete masterplan, including planting schedule and illustrations. If you require any form of planning submission, additional detail design for contractors, independent planting plan or other documentation I will charge on an hourly basis by agreement (£75.00+VAT per hour).

Do I have to employ you to build my garden?

No - Whilst I will produce a fully itemised Bill of Quantities from one of my recommended teams of landscape contractors around the UK you are under no obligation to accept their quote. On payment of the design fee you take complete ownership of the drawings and are able to use any builder/landscaper of your choice.
If you decide to proceed in this way I would be more than happy to supervise the build and charge my standard consultancy fee (£75.00+VAT per hour) for this service.

Can you supply plants?

Yes - many clients ask me to supply the plants and help set them out in the garden, I have a large network of wholesale nurseries that have been supplying me for many years.

Do you photograph our garden?

Yes - I am a keen photographer and look forward to documenting my projects for personal reasons and for use in promotional literature. I reserve the right to use these images unless specifically agreed otherwise.
I am also a drone operator and would be more than happy to supply aerial photography of your house and garden if you would like. Photographs are charged at £25.00+VAT per image
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